Section J Reports

For all new and alterations to commercial buildings

Section J of the National Construction Code (NCC) provides the energy efficiency requirements for all commercial building developments (classes 2 to 9). 

Commercial buildings require a NCC Section J Report to accompany the design documents at the construction stage of the Development Application process to demonstrate compliance.

The Section J report provides the energy efficiency requirements for the building by assessing the design elements of the proposed development against the Deemed to Satisfy (DTS) provisions of the NCC.

Sections covered are:

  • Part J1 – Building fabric
  • Part J2 – Glazing
  • Part J3 – Building sealing
  • Part J6 – Artificial lighting and power
  • Part J7 – Heated water supply and swimming pool and spa pool plant
  • Part J8 – Facilities for energy monitoring

Information we require for the Section J Report

We require the floor plans and elevation drawings including:

  • Orientation
  • Internal layout
  • Wall construction and colour
  • Roof type and colour
  • Floor type
  • Ceiling plans
  • Lighting plan
  • Skylight locations and sizes
  • Window schedules (or sizes)
  • Window and wall shading

Here’s how

1. Contact us

Contact us today with details of your plan and timings.

2. Receive a quote

We’ll be in touch with a quote and let you know if more information is required.

3. Your initial report

We’ll prepare an initial comprehensive Section J Report for your review and discuss the report and any recommendations.

4. You're good to go

Once you’re satisfied we’ll send through the final report.