NatHERS Assessments

Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, thermal energy assessments

NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) rates the thermal performance of Australian homes. 

All Development Applications require a NatHERS Assessment to ensure they meet energy efficiency requirements under the National Construction Code.

NatHERS is a star based energy rating system which uses computer simulation software to estimate the potential heating and cooling energy requirements of a home based on its design and construction. A minimum of six stars is required in most states and territories, other than NSW. The Northern Territory requires five stars.

The NSW required BASIX accepts NatHERS rating results which are prepared by an accredited assessor using accredited software for the thermal performance component of the certificate.

Preparing an assessment

When preparing an assessment, we’ll discuss your assessment needs, from achieving the minimum compliance level to ensuring a home with high thermal performance. We’ll then run a computer simulation of your home using the latest thermal performance software. We’ll provide you with a range of cost-effective recommendations for either meeting energy requirements or maximizing thermal performance. Once you’re satisfied, you’ll receive a NatHERS Certificate and a stamped set of your plans which will show your home’s star rating and energy rating details. These documents are submitted with your development application to meet your energy efficiency regulation requirements.

Here’s how

1. Contact us

Contact us today with details of your job and your timeframes.

2. Receive a quote

We’ll be in touch with a quote and let you know if more information is required.

3. Your initial report

We’ll prepare the initial assessment and discuss the results and any recommendations.

4. You're good to go

Once you’re comfortable with the report, we’ll provide a NatHERS Certificate for your council submissions.